Just Listen Audio is my Alberta-based headphone hobby that focuses on value. It’s a philosophy that anyone can be an audiophile. Don’t be distracted by the fancy and expensive equipment, the latest trends, or what the gurus say. What matters is the music. Forget the rest. Just Listen.

My name is Jonathan Le, and I’m the founder of Just Listen Audio. I’m married to Carrie of In Love and War (follow her @inloveandwar_). I love to read, cook, and take long walks on Alberta Beach. I have a deep passion for shovelling snow, automatic car starters, and windproof jackets. I make a mean bag of instant noodles.  An electrical engineer by training at the University of Alberta, I started tinkering with headphone amplifiers before discovering my passion for engineering and electronics. Edmonton born-and-raised, I was the nerdy Asian kid who played piano for 13 years of my life, which fostered my love of music and audio. I’m also dyslexic.

About.me – Jonathan Phan Le

My vision for JLA is to bring a deeper appreciation of music and audio to the masses. When Steve Jobs launched the iPod, he said that it was marketed to everyone since everyone loves music. Almost everyone has a set of headphones that they always return to, whether they’re the iBuds you bring on the bus, the one that you got for playing games, or the ones that you got from your work. It’s my belief that everyone wants to get a decent set that won’t break, and they’re willing to pay just a little bit more to get them. This is where JLA comes in. We’re devoted to offering the high value to high quality headphones that you simply won’t get online. It’s too risky. You buy them, you don’t like them, and you’re out $30 to $50 on shipping and customs alone. Try them locally. Try them before you shell out your hard-earned dollars on a set that might just break on you. Don’t let your headphones get in the way of the music. Just Listen.

See us when your headphones break.

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