Headphones in Edmonton, Calgary

What’s up bros,

Before Just Listen opens its doors sometime before I die, here are the current offerings in Edmonton and in Calgary. The best resource on Google is this thread, but I’ll add my two bits. I’ll update it as I go along since there’s a lot out there.

The key differentiator, however, is that there is yet to be a store in Alberta where you can test out great headphones like you can with TVs. inMotion Entertainment has an extension store called Headphone Hub with two locations. There’s also Headphone Bar in Vancouver. Both have headphones right out there, ready to demo. Maybe one day we’ll have it here in Alberta.




2 comments on “Headphones in Edmonton, Calgary

  1. Have you heard that Certified Radio in Edmonton has set up a headphone bar? They have a couple of good brands and some fashion stuff, as well as some Fiio products.

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