New Direction

Loyal fans,

In an effort to become successful and relevant, we’re going to try some new things at JLA. For now, headphones will take a back seat, and do-it-yourself audio will come to the front burner. I’ve had a marginal amount of success in that area, and now that school is done, I’m going to put a little bit more time back into that. Charles and I had a heart-to-heart, and this whole headphone thing is way off in the distance. To build momentum, I’ll have to leverage whatever success I (used to) have in the DIY arena, and then we’ll move from there.

I have never seen this show

This means that I’ll start transitioning diyMod documentation here and redirecting traffic from the original ualberta website. I’ll start playing with circuits and PCBs again, meaning that we’ll start seeing the Carrie Amp, babyDAC, and other designs come to life here. I’m sure a completely different crowd will start showing its face here (different from the usual BMW M70 V12 crowd) as I start supporting these projects. Off in the distance, I’ll totally get back into the headphone game because I still truly believe that the process of buying headphones could use a little elbow grease. There is no timeline for it.

That’s it for now, folks. I’ll still post the occasional educational post about headphones because I want this place to be an organized resource, but that’ll take time. Despite the terrible feeling of crushing failure I experienced at Beaver’s Den, I’m not giving up or letting it slow me down one bit. Consider me crashing into a wall and totally bouncing back.

Such horrible memories

Thanks for stopping by. Watch this space. 🙂 If you do, then I’ll have to start doing something about it.

Also, a good friend, Robin Wainwright, is converting a Porsche 944 from gas to electric. Follow his progress at


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