Quick Update

These last few weeks have been quite eventful, so I won’t be able to post anything new except to keep you guys in the loop.

Just Listen Audio just pitched at Beaver’s Den at the University of Alberta this past Saturday, and it was a great experience. It’s like Dragon’s Den, but nicer. Though we didn’t receive any funding, there were some excellent pitches presented that day, and we learned a lot. Charles and I are going to figure out what our focus and strategy will be going forward, and we owe a lot to the Beavers. There were some truly terrible pitches as well as excellent products, which gave really great perspective.


Now I’m craving a BeaverTail.

Next up, I’m going to take on a new venture while we figure out this headphone retail situation. As of yesterday, I am now a member of iCracked, joining the group as an iTechnician. I’ve been fixing iPhones for friends for a while now, so I thought I might as well join their team. Today, they’re demoing at Y Combinator’s Demo Day, so you know they’re a huge deal. They’re one of the largest iOS repair companies out there, so if you or anyone you know in the Calgary area needs an iPhone repaired, give me a jingle.
You can call me Tyrone
That’s all for now. Next time, DJ headphones. My friend is in a DJ competition at Habitat Living Sound on Friday between 9 and 10:45. You should come out and listen. Follow him on twitter.

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