Happy New Year

Hey sports fans,

I know I’ve been a bit absent of late, and I apologize. I know you’re craving to read your weekly dose of headphone knowledge, but I’ve been terribly busy. Last Monday, I woke up early for Boxing Day shopping, then I drove immediately to Calgary to visit Carrie. All last week, we were looking for a place for me to live. I move in at the beginning of February, and we’ve been visiting lots of friends over the past week. You know. I’m just a really popular and busy person.

2012 is gonna be a great year. I finished school this past month, and I’m starting my new job in February. I’m getting married in the summer, and the business will gain a fresh new timeslot in my schedule. We’re working on getting new products in the lineup (something is better than nothing), and I’ll be keeping up with the blog on a regular basis. We’ll explore topics like wire care, DIY repair, electronics, and more. Lots to do, lots to cover, so stick around. I’m super excited for this year.

If you’re looking at any holiday deals, remember to check the Head-Fi Holiday Gift Guide to see if it’s worth getting, and as always, fire me an email or comment so I can help out.

Cheers, JL Birds. (Yo, I’m so clever.)



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