How It’s Made: Headphones

I’m super busy studying for my three finals in the next two days, so this post is coming a little early. I’ve been cozying up to a set of Grado SR80 I’m repairing to provide my motivation. It’s a time-honoured student tradition to block out the harmonious sounds of procrastination heard in libraries and homes at the end of each semester with their favourite pair of noise-isolating headphones. In the spirit of education and my last season of finals, enjoy this learningful video by How It’s Made on the AKG K 702, a set that’s nothing to sniff at. It’s the next iteration of the classic all-arounder K 701, oogled and ogled over (googled too?) by iPod- and headphone-enthusiasts for years. Take a look.

Here at JLA, we’re still working on getting new products, but, well, I’ve been super busy studying for finals.

For the last minute Christmas shoppers out there, we still have some Sony MDR-V700-DJ available. Any future Avicii or deadmau5 DJs out there?


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