Best Value Headphones

Recently, marketing extraordinaire @itsmarieclare asked me for my recommendation on the best inexpensive headphones. (Here’s my response.) This is a probably the most common question I get. Part of my belief is that you don’t need to spend loads to get great quality. My aim in life is to maximize value, to make the most out of what I have. All those Coach Carter-esque inspirational success stories illustrate to me that people can still succeed in life despite great hardships and having very little. My own father exemplifies this with his “immigrant with only the clothes on his back and the Bible in his hand” story, pretty much giving me no choice but to move to a new country and start a life.

Bringing this idea back to headphones, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for great sound quality. Here’s my list of some of the best headphones you can find under $150.

It would be hard for a well-read head-fi user to disagree with some items on this list, but they might want to add to it. To me, these are the time-honoured best value models with maybe the Shures as the exceptions, but you still can’t go wrong with them. After my years of research and expertise, these are the goods I offer you.
Headphone consultant extraordinaire?
Tell me when your headphones and earphones break, and I’ll help you find a replacement. Maybe one day I’ll be able to sell it to you. Buy local.

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